On Line Communication Systems was established in 1993 for providing a specialist information system to the geophysical industry.
Today, OLCS is involved in many areas, such as computer retail and servicing, communications and networking. Equipment to suit many customers from home entertainment and education through to specialist devices for industry, with in-house knowledge of several operating systems including Windows NT, OS/2 Warp and Linux.
Company Address:
Axium Computer Centre
On Line Communication Systems,
5 Woodside Road,
Bucks. HP6 6AA

Contact Information:
Tel: +44 (1494) 725018
Fax: +44 (1494) 581003
e-mail: sales@olcs.net

[OS/2 Warp Server] [SSLeay Encryption Technology] [Apache HTTPD Server]

Server is an Axium Pentium Pro 200 with Buslogic FlashPoint LW SCSI host adapter
64MB EDO RAM and two 4.2GB Quantum UWSCSI Hard Drives.