FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

How do I upload my web pages?
To upload your web pages you need to ensure that the software which you are creating your pages with is capable of using the FTP protocol. Also you will need to know your dial-up user ID and password with OLCS Net.
You will need to configure your software so that it knows what is your own homepage directory on our server. If your login user ID happens to be "joe.bloggs", then your homepage directory will be /usr/home/joe.bloggs/html
Once your software is properly configured, uploading of the web-pages should be relatively painless.
I want a web counter on my pages!
Recently implemented on our servers is a webcounter CGI program which you may use to add a web-counter to your pages.
Click here for examples of how to use it.
What are the new Email settings?
Recently there have been changes to the email system. Please use the following details or Phone 0870 063 2222.
Incomming Mail Server (SMTP) = mail.olcs.net
Outgoing Mail Server (POP3) = mail.netkonect.net
User ID = (Should. be the same as your email address).
Outgoing Server requires authentication (SMTP) = Disabled (Remove tick)